Poster Guidelines

IAP 2022 Virtual Poster Guidelines

Congratulations on being accepted to present at the XXXIV International Congress of the International Academy of Pathology 2022. Your presentation will be part of IAP 2022 Virtual Program.

As you have selected to prepare a Poster PDF please follow the below recommended steps for setting up, creating and submitting your Poster Presentation.

Prepare your poster PDF

Your poster should be provided as an A4 Portrait PDF document that is 1-2 pages in length.

You can create your poster using any software you like such as; Publisher, Word or other design applications.

Your final poster that you provide will be required to be a PDF document that is less than 6MB.

Below are some tips and tricks to consider when creating your PDF poster;

  • All posters must be in English.
  • There are no mandatory headings or minimum font sizes but the poster should be easily readable
  • Your poster should include a title banner listing the presentation title as per your accepted abstract.
  • The authors’ names and their organisation(s) should be included.
  • Text in the poster should be brief, clear, and concise.
  • The poster should be understandable without oral explanation.
  • Avoid making the text all capitals as this makes it harder for the audience to read
  • Avoid using a mixture of font styles
  • Results should be displayed graphically, if possible, through the use of pictures, symbols and colour
  • Figure legends are essential; however, these should be clear and concise


Please ensure you submit your final Poster PDF File to the Presentation Portal by Thursday 1 September 2022, 11:59PM (Sydney time).

Submit your Poster PDF File in the 'My Papers' section in the Presentation Submission Portal (unique link found in email). You will see an 'Edit' button where you can include the PDF.

During the Conference

During the Virtual Conference, attendees will be able to view your Poster PDF File and abstract, ask questions using the Q&A section and take their own personal notes. You will be expected to access the Platform at least twice a day to answer any questions that may have come through for your poster from attendees. You will receive further information closer to the Congress, regarding how to access the virtual conference platform and instructions on how to access the poster gallery.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.